Why do I have to login to view prices? 

We are a wholesale only company and deal strictly with resellers only, therefore don’t allow members of the public see our wholesale pricing. We only supply registered businesses and an A.B.N. must be supplied to open an account and commence trading.

How do I purchase your items? 

We have a large number of resellers throughout Australia and can direct you to your closest store if you contact us.

How do you ensure continuity in your range? 

We are committed to ensure that the styles, fabrics and colours presented will continue to be available for some time.  However, as we continuously develop and update our ranges, we do reserve the right to withdraw / replace existing fabrics, styles, colours and designs.  Please note that variations in colour may occur due to differences in fabric batches from different deliveries from time to time however we are currently matching to our standards to ensure any differences are within commercial tolerance.

How do I care for my garment? 

You must ensure to closely follow the garment care instructions provided on the tag of your garment.

Provided that you follow the garment care instructions on the label inside each Corporate Reflection garment, and purchase sufficient garments to avoid excess wear of any one piece, your Corporate Reflection wardrobe should provide lasting satisfaction.  We cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by mishandling or failure to follow garment care instructions provided.

How do I request a login?

If you are a new customer: – just click the “become a reseller” tab and then complete the application form. Once completed, click the submit button. Once we’ve reviewed your application, we will advise you whether your request has been accepted and supply activate your membership.

How will I know if my order has been received?

You will receive an order confirmation email at the conclusion of your order process.

What are your trading terms?

Our payment terms are strictly 30 days NETT from date of invoice. If a cheque is banked and insufficient funds are available, a recovery fee will apply. Please note: Any accounts falling outside 30 day payment period may have their credit facility removed, and no further orders will be processed.

What is your minimum order value?

We do not impose a minimum order value, however our free freight value is $250 pre GST. Please note that there is no freight charged on backorders.