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Corporate Reflection is a brand committed to developing stylish, premium quality corporate wear that works with your image and fits with your budget. Our current collection offers a broad selection of fabrics and styles for a diverse range of working environments. With a variety of fit options, it’s easy to dress all staff, catering to their individual sizes and unique job requirements.

Passion for Fashion
Corporate Reflection has been developed by people with a long history in the clothing industry. Our love for fashion combined with accumulated knowledge and resources allows us to source the best fabrics and manufacture the latest styles at a great value.

Comfort is Key
Each Corporate Reflection Collection is developed and tested for prolonged comfort. Attention to detail is crucial to achieving a product that looks like it’s off a fashion rack, but is comfortable and hassle free. After all, we are designing clothes for an 8 hour day at the office, not a 2 minute walk down the runway.

Corporate looks Ahead
The fashion world is all about staying ahead, and the corporate world is no different. We are always testing new garments and fabrics to expand our existing collection. To ensure wardrobe continuity for our clients and resellers, we will build on our existing collections, instead of replacing products.

From the drawing board to the dressing room, our objective is to make sure you look and feel great.

Inspire your new wardrobe: Browse Our Products or flip through Our Magazine or download Catalogue.

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